REACH Strategies works with partners to achieve their goals of making the world a better, safer, healthier place for us all by focusing on the intersection of strategy design, campaign planning, smart communications, and organizational development.


REACH Strategies is a full-service communications strategy firm. We work with the world’s leading companies, foundations, agencies and organizations to develop data-driven communications, campaign, organizational development, and business plans. We then can execute on their outreach components through tightly interlocked campaign and community engagement initiatives.

REACH works through a mix of applied practice, cutting-edge theory, strong instincts, and the ability to listen intently to serve partners. Strategy reflects the process we apply to create the largest amount of impact for the least amount spent. Our team is focused on making great things happen for partners like you by combining your big ideas with sound data and solid, pragmatic insights into a workable strategy. We are here to help you reach your goals.

Our Team

Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown

Founder, CEO

Kirk Brown founded REACH Strategies based on a 20-year career helping leading companies, agencies, and non-profits achieve their goals by linking smart campaign, communications, organizational development, and business strategies.

Amanda Scarborough

Amanda Scarborough

Senior Program Strategist

Amanda has taken the lead in REACH organizational development, financial, administrative, and program priorities since 2013. Amanda has directed educational outreach and experiential campaigns in the EV space across California, New England, New York, and Missouri, and has produced over one hundred EV test-drive events nationwide. Amanda’s diverse skills coupled with her communications prowess make her a Swiss army knife asset on any project.

Leynah McGarghan

Leynah McGarghan

Experiential Strategist

Leynah has taken her local and international event coordinating and public relations background to become a communications powerhouse in aiding with host and vendor outreach for various events across New England and California. Her people oriented and outgoing personality ensure the success and ease of any event.

Amy Riley

Amy Riley

Communications Strategist

Amy is passionate about using social media to connect people with new ideas that will improve their lives. She has a long history in social media and creating community around what matters most to people.

Maggie Brown

Communications Specialist

A passion for sustainability, a commitment to teamwork, and a curiosity of all things communications led Maggie to REACH. As a Communications Specialist, Maggie nitpicks over writing, maintains happy and successful relationships with REACH partners, and takes copious amounts of notes. Previously, Maggie worked in the arts, and loves to wander around museums and thrift stores.

Christopher Clark

Program Strategist

Chris is a Program Strategist with an expansive background in creative, corporate and community communications in both public and private sectors across the Midwest. He bases his work on the belief that clear, succinct and consistent communication across all platforms is the only way to effectively achieve your goal.

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