“What electric SUVs are available that will fit all my kids? My biggest priority is range.”

“How do I pick a home charger? There’s so many models, I’m not sure where to start.”

“I’m sick of gas prices going up. How much money would I save switching to an EV?”

“Is there a simple way to find EV dealerships near me?”

We get dozens of questions like these at every event we run at REACH. With hundreds of EV models on the market, the wide range of choices can lead to paralysis. On top of our many years of experience and personal touch, we wanted to offer a set of tools to support the electrification journey by answering these questions and many others.

Introducing Driven To Electrify: a suite of intuitive consumer shopping tools.

Driven To Electrify offers a core suite of tools for comparing EV’s and chargers, evaluating potential savings, finding dealerships, and much more. On top of this powerful platform, we create custom branded sites for our partners with localized energy costs, incentives, dealerships, and programs.

Every page comes thoroughly tested to work across mobile and web, meet accessibility standards, and support screen readers so that everyone can benefit.

If you are interested in powering up your utility or local government programs with Driven To Electrify, get in touch.