We work with the world’s leading companies, foundations, agencies and organizations to develop data-driven communications, campaign, organizational development, and business plans. We then can execute on their outreach components through tightly interlocked campaign and community engagement initiatives.

Our Services

Strategy and Design

REACH works with partners to craft communications, campaign, organizational development, and business strategies that align with their aspirations, goals, culture and resources. From rapid response to years down the road thinking, REACH assembles the best available data for strategies that make good things happen. Our strategy process involves developing a deep relationship where we can carefully listen to you, your team, your partners, and key audiences. We create research tools, planning frameworks, audience maps, and measurement dashboards to monitor progress and position planning and engagement efforts to be mutually reinforcing.

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Community Engagement

Our community engagement work is designed to translate your organizational, strategic, and communications planning work into measurable outcomes in the field. Whether through social media, traditional media outreach, branding and materials development, or cutting-edge event design and execution conducted with our event partner Driven, we’ll deploy the engagement tactics best suited to achieve your goals. We think of this as a community engagement practice to help you foster and develop ongoing relationships with key audiences online or in community-facing events. Embracing a 360-degree view of your world helps us help you find the messaging, methods, and tools that will work best for your situation.

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Experience Design

REACH is focused on strategic ideations, where we can conceptualize events that help achieve public goals. We understand how important nuance is when we are leveraging events strategically to advance broader goals. That’s why we work with our in-house event production partner, Driven, to deliver experiences that make an impact. Partners trust us to create real-world, interactive platforms that reach the right people, at the right time, with the messages that matter most. We learn about partners’ key audiences and meet them where they are at - and create a lane of communication in the process.


Strategic Facilitation

Our strategic facilitation work is where we hone the best thinking to help reach your goals. We’ll surface the data we need to inform your thinking, be it from your close-in team, stakeholders, competitors, or from our original research. We’ll map steps to get where we need to go. And we’ll set a timeframe and a budget to take us there.

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Media and Communication

REACH partners have an important story to tell, and need a space to share it with the world. In a culture overwhelmed by content, REACH develops and implements media and outreach campaigns that carry a focused message to attract the key audience at the key time. We craft strategies to give our partners the tools they need to communicate and navigate challenges.


Campaign Management

We’ll work with you to develop a strong plan, but we won’t leave you there. Achieving your goals means we need to get into the field to tell the right stories, matched with the right tactics, told to the right audiences. We’re ready to work with you in launching a campaign that will make a difference, marking our progress with you every step along the way.

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