Embracing Earth: Our Team’s Favorite Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate Our Planet


Nature is miraculous and deserves much more celebration one day can provide. If I have to pick my favorite aspects I suppose it would be plants, flowers, and animals. When I need a quick pick me up I head to the backyard to soak up the sweet scent of the flowers while glimpsing a hummingbird or enjoying the occasional visit from the neighborhood ducks.


I love how the cycle of life and the beauty of nature work. The way flowers bloom, the seasons change, and how every element of nature works together leaves me in awe. It’s a reminder of our responsibility to protect our planet to preserve these wonders for generations to come. I am especially happy to be working for REACH, knowing I am part of a meaningful effort to safeguard our planet’s natural beauty.


My favorite thing about nature is the serene feeling I get when walking through the trees. An outdoor stroll never fails to lift my spirits and put my troubles in perspective.


I love earth/nature because it provides me will so many amazing experiences and adventures. Having grown up in Northern California and now living in Southern California, experiencing nature in one is unlike the other. The hikes, views, sunsets, camping, ocean, etc… All different! It’s a beautiful thing, love you EARTH <3


Growing up in Marin County, specifically West Marin, I’ve been surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes anyone could imagine. Running around beaches surrounded by incredible mountain ridges and hiking through dense redwood forests there is rarely a moment that I’m not left in awe from the nature around me. When I was younger my mom would tell my brothers and I to go play outside until the sun came down and to follow the creek home if we got lost. It was the most imaginative childhood and I’ve carried that magic with me my for my whole life. Happy Earth Day!


As an ardent hiker, I love our forests, mountains, lovely plants, and wild animals. The ocean is also incredible and I make pilgrimages several times a year to appreciate it. All aspects of nature are worth protecting and conserving.


There’s something about being in nature that just makes you feel good! The sunshine and fresh air are rejuvenating. My favorite place to be is on a beach listening to the waves crashing and taking in the fresh ocean breeze!


I love to garden, and every year it amazes me how truly resilient plants are! Last year, I planted strawberry plants, and rather than uprooting them at the end of the season, I left them in the garden bed. I thought for sure, there’s NO way it would survive the harsh Missouri winter. Lo and behold, the strawberry plant just blossomed again this week! Nature serves as such a great reminder that life will always continue to persevere, despite challenging circumstances.


My kids and I love living off the land. We plant a lot of our own food, plant flowers to bring in beneficial pollinators, and use some plants to deter pests (like mint, lemongrass and lavender). When are harvest is ready, we can sauce, vegetables and sauerkraut for our fall and winter needs! Mother Earth truly gives us access to all we need.


Things I enjoy about the Earth and nature:

The awakening of all the spring flowers – especially the bluebonnets here in Texas.

The lengthening of the days, allowing time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.

Listening to the sounds of soft spring rains on the metal roof.


Despite the inevitable sneezes and sniffles from my allergies, what I truly adore about Earth Day is the warmer air and the stunning sunsets. They serve as gentle reminders of the beauty and resilience of our planet, urging us to cherish and protect it, even amidst the discomfort of allergies.