We speak your language. Our areas of experience include the automotive industry, transportation electrification, intercultural communications, marketing and design, higher education, research, public health, conservation and sustainability, and media relations. Our clients (partners) include utilities, government agencies, foundations, corporations, non-profits, and organizations of all sizes.

Meet the REACH Team

We field a place-based team in locales across the nation. We are a diverse group of experienced, dedicated, and hard-working individuals who are passionate about serving our partners as we co-create a better world.

Amanda Scarborough-Heilmeier

Director, Program Strategy & Development

Fernanda Estrada-Ridaura

Communications Program Strategist

Graham Hughes

Chief Technology Officer

Keely Mairs

Communications Specialist

Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lily Ashby

Communications Specialist

Madeleine Blum

Lead Program & Events Manager

Michelle Davis

Lead Communications Strategist

Paige Effinger

Communications Program Strategist

Stephanie Dorman

National Program Director

Susan Fogarasi

Susan Fogarasi

Web & Graphic Designer

Tiara Brown

Associate Director, Finance & HR

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Our History

Since its founding in 2011, REACH Strategies has established itself as a national leader in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of multi-faceted corporate, utility, and state-level strategic communications and engagement campaigns. As a full-service communications firm, REACH’s work extends across the country focusing on a wide range of integrated consumer, business, and stakeholder initiatives.

REACH Strategies is built on the belief that by working together with our partners we can leverage impactful, data-driven communications to drive change for good.

Core Values

Our core values reflect the ideals we drive toward through our work, client partnerships, and team collaborations. 

  • Positive Change

    We strive every day to make lasting and positive changes on a scale both large and small.

  • Mutual Support and Collaboration

    We cannot do it alone. We support each other and our partners to create as much positive difference as possible.

  • Connection (and more connection)

    In an increasingly fragmented, polarized, and isolated world, we relentlessly cultivate and foster deeper ties with each other and the communities we serve.

  • Excellence

    We understand the gravity of our work in this crucial moment and that it requires us to bring our best, always.

  • Inclusion

    All in - we’re all us! We work to ensure that all of us are included and that all of our voices are heard.

  • Ownership and Accountability

    We take responsibility for every project and delight in driving them from inception to delivery.