Meet Madeleine: The Globetrotting Scholar to Event Extraordinaire

Have you lived in the same place your whole life, or have you moved around?

While I’m happily settled in the countryside of Massachusetts now, I have lived in several other places. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and left for Smith College in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. I spent one of my college years studying at Royal Holloway, University of London in Surrey. Living abroad in the UK sparked my interest in travel and I’ve continued my global travel adventures since. I also became enamored with tea and to this day drink my favorite Yorkshire Gold tea nearly daily. 

After graduating from Smith, I was honored to be awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in the Republic of (South) Korea. I spent two years there teaching English in middle schools and the impact that time had on my life is immeasurable. I often cook Korean food and still miss my host family. 

I moved back to Massachusetts, this time to Boston, to complete a doctoral degree in psychology. I decided to change my career path and finished with a master’s instead and later moved out of the hubbub of the city for a quiet country life with my spouse and pet bird.

What are your hobbies?

I delight in getting outside and clearing my mind with fresh air, greenery, and movement. This could be hiking in the woods, biking through the forest or fields of my local rail trail, or simply taking a walk. I’m known for walking or biking even on rainy or snowy days! I also enjoy the deep stretch and strength building of yoga a few times a week. 

I’m an avid reader and enjoy classics and fantasy the most; I was the child who took a book with her when told to go play outside. I learned crochet and embroidery from my beloved grandmother and always have a project going. My next hurdle is to figure out how to frame my project backlog.

What brought you to REACH?

I planned my first event when I was a teen and have been planning events, programs, etc. both personally and professionally since then. Meanwhile, I’ve also branched out into operations, management, teaching, and training. When looking for the next step in my career, I wanted to find a role where I could use my skills for a cause I really believed in, and I found that at REACH.