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Round Up of Recent Electrification News

We have exciting updates today from many car manufacturers! The DeLorean has returned and the company announced a new EV coming this fall. We also learned that Lexus will debut its upcoming EV next week while Hyundai plans its own self-driving course. Nissan is making strides in the battery sector, partnering with NASA to develop an all-solid-state battery by the end of the decade with its own manufacturing plant. And this is just a fraction of the news happening in the electrification sector! Let us know your thoughts @REACHStrategies and happy Spring!  


  • Lexus announced they will reveal their first BEV, the RZ, on Wednesday, April 20th as well as share more details about the vehicle and Lexus Electrified. 
  • GM and Honda have teamed up to develop affordable EVs, with the first two coming in 2024.
  • We’re going to the future now as DeLorean announced it will unveil its first EV model in August. CEO Joost de Vries said more was to come from the company as it looks to become an EV brand. 
  • GreenPower Motor Company launched a BEV Type A School Bus with up to 150 miles of range called the Nano BEAST, which is much safer than current school buses and has zero emissions. 
  • The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV are back in production! 


  • Nissan announced its new production facility for all-solid-state batteries with plans to be on the market in 2028 supplanting the need for lithium-ion for all EVs. Nissan plans to use these batteries for future models. It is believed these batteries will provide a full charge in 15 minutes. They are also working with a popular organization with this project: NASA.
  • New batteries new methods of charging are being released.. Researchers in South Korea have found that quantum charging may be possible to supplant DC fast charging, almost as fast as putting gas in a car, and make it universal for all. 


EV for Business

  • Proterra, the company that designs E-Transit Buses and charging systems announced it was the first EV manufacturer that had multiple zero waste facilities based on TRUE-certified rating systems, paving the way for companies to follow their lead. 
  • While lack of inventory plagues dealerships, car manufacturers are reaping the benefits of the heavy demand: Mercedes-Benz saw a 37% sales increase in EVs with a third of those being BEVs, and eVans increased by 133% highlighting the need to continue to build for e-Fleets. 
  • EVgo will be delivering DC fast charging stations to Chase Banks in over 6 states, some being solar-powered, that will provide 30 million miles of charge annually, with more chargers to come at their locations. EVgo is still working with Meijer supermarkets in the Midwest to build more chargers in those locations.
  • Despite appearances, Jeep is increasing its electrification efforts tenfold behind closed doors.  

Energy News

  • The Biden Administration met with various auto leaders like Mary Barra of GM and Jim Farley of Ford to discuss the future of EVs, charging, and the need for all drivers to be able to charge their EV anywhere, with any plug, or the impending infrastructure will collapse with a wide variety of chargers and adapters currently on the market. 
  • Energy Harbor, operator of nuclear power plants in Ohio, announced their infrastructure will become carbon-free by 2023.
  • According to Kia, your music choice can affect the range of your EV.