EV Businesses and E-Reports | February 4, 2022

There are some fascinating developments in the EV world this week! In E-Fleet news, new innovations will make the switch easier. CALSTART released a report stating that more companies are electrifying but it also outlined that oftentimes companies are not prepared yet to support their new e-fleets. In promising news,Holman and Electrada announced a partnership to ensure that E-Fleet management and operations go well! But there is much more to dig into from first time EV driver satisfaction, companies teaming up to develop connected charging infrastructures for pedestrians and commercial vehicles plus, and a roundup of the top EV points from the American Jobs plan! 

E-Business Updates

  • California has reduced the income cap for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project which will allow more funding for buyers who are not in the high-income bracket and have a higher likelihood of needing the rebate. Take a look at the new qualifications! 
  • As more companies turn to fleet electrification, two companies have partnered up to go a step further. Holman and Electrada have teamed up to provide a strategic and affordable fleet electrification plan that will provide an analysis of cost to set up, savings, and ensuring the fleet is properly managed. This is great news due to the new report from CALSTART (see below) about Fleet management. 
  • Three companies have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to work together to design and install a high-performance charging infrastructure in North America specifically for medium and heavy battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Take a look to see which companies are involved and their operations plan! 
  • Union Pacific Railroad purchased 10 more electric locomotives from Caterpillar Inc as it looks to upgrade its trains and rail yard infrastructure. They have now exceeded $100 million in investments and are leaders in battery electric locomotives. Union Pacific is also partnering with TuSumple as its first customer for autonomous trucking which will operate in Arizona without a human driver.   
  • The Electrification Movement has made its way to the wine capital of the U.S.! In Sonoma, more than 1,800 grape farmers are teaming up with Ford Pro to bring a variety of e-products from pickup trucks, vans, and more to further the sustainability efforts of the SCW (Sonoma County Winegrowers) as they look to lower the total cost of fleet ownership. 

E-Reports and E-Legislation News

  • Rivian faces an obstacle in Georgia that will prohibit the manufacturer from selling its product directly to customers in the state, despite the trucks being manufactured there. But don’t fear! Senate Bill 398 is aiming to change that. 
  • 2021 saw the market share for EVs across the world double (!) illustrating the willingness and desire to adopt electric vehicles and infrastructure in our society, with the biggest shift predicted to be between 2024-25 when more models hit the market driving overall prices down! 
  • A recent E-Fleet report by CALSTART stated that more companies are electrifying their fleets and utilizing more tools at their disposal, but one of the biggest barriers for maintaining and operating the fleet is understanding charging needs and costs. 
  • J.D. Power released a study called the US EVX (Electric Vehicle Experience) Ownership Study that states that many first time EV owners are satisfied and will continue to buy an EV, however, customers may not go back to the same brand they initially purchased from if the first EV didn’t satiate their needs!  
  • Based on user experiences, Electrify America has the highest satisfaction rating of EV users with their charging stations for a variety of reasons such as their app and website, the 350-kw chargers available, and more. The company also promises to double its network in the next three years. 
  • Here are ten key points from President Biden’s infrastructure plan, the American Jobs plan, that revolve around the electrification of our country!