EV News Round-Up | March 18, 2022

EV End of Week Recap

Hello Readers! We passed through the Ides of March to a riveting week of EV News, which is becoming the norm, the domestic and global trend that we want to see! BMW announced its new i7 line featuring a brand new BEV and Cadillac has given a deadline for its Lyriq manufacturing plans with a goal to produce 25,000 annually for now with hopes that number will through the decade. The EPA announced its new emissions standards for heavy-trucks,the first time it’s been updated  since 2001, pushing companies to build out more electric options for the larger vehicles. The Jaguar I-Pace’s old batteries are being used for portable energy storage units, one of the ways manufacturers are working on recycling and retrofitting batteries to decrease waste while the energy company Nuvve has begun to construct a home energy storage system that combines electric, solar, and battery storage into one! Talk to us! Like anything? Concerned about something? We want to hear it all! Let us know your thoughts @REACHStrategies!  


  • BMW unveiled its upcoming 7 series which includes an all-electric BEV BMW i7 with a range of 360-380 miles! The 7 series will also boast new PHEV technology too as the newer engine has more efficiency in reducing its emissions, but not as much reduction as its BEV counterpart. 
  • Hino Trucks, a subsidiary of Toyota, is working on developing Class 4-8 E-Trucks with hopes to bring it to the market by 2023 and help companies weigh their E-Fleet options for medium and heavy vehicles. 
  • GM has stated the Cadillac Lyriq will start production on March 21st and new orders will reopen on May 19th, as they aim to make 25,000 annually with expectation that number will rise. 
  • The E- F-150 Lightning will start at $40,000 and have a 230 mile range, but according to its official EPA rating the range will be up to 300 miles. Ford also announced they are going to add three more passenger EVs and four more commercial EVs to its European Lineup and is partnering with Volkswagen for two of these models!
  • The luxury automaker Maserati has said all of its models will have a BEV option by 2025, with the first models to appear next year, and plans to be exclusively EVs by 2030. 
  • Audi unveiled its A6 e-tron concept that will have some of the sleekest features and storage capabilities of all of its models, and the capability to project video games from its headlights! That’s the future!  


  • The EPA released its new rules to reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles with the first proposed cuts for these vehicles since 2001. 
  • Moreno Valley School District in Riverside, CA is readying deploying 42 E-School Buses that will reduce more than 1.2 million pounds in carbon emissions with over 75% cost savings expected for vehicle maintenance that will be put towards the classrooms instead! This is why we need E-Buses; Use funds where it matters, not service and upkeep!  
  • Washington’s state legislature is readying a bill called Clean Cars 2030 that will ensure all vehicles sold in the state after 2030 must be electric.
  • The Department of Energy is providing nearly $3 billion in funding to strengthen the EV battery supply industry from manufacturing and recycling to developing new battery technology and outfitting old ones to be reused. 

EV for Business

  • Evonik, a battery production company, has started to develop newer battery packs called “Pure Performance Battery” or PBB that is safer, lighter, and cheaper than the traditional EV batteries in cars today. 
  • Volkswagen has said its high demand for EVs has already seen them turn a profit far sooner than they expected, cementing their faith and pursuit of dominating the EV marketplace in the next decade. 

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