EV Models and Machinery | February 7, 2022

Automotive companies are delivering on their promises with developing EVs, announcing more models, and consistently improving their technology! Ford announced that their F-150 Lightning is their most powerful pick-up for a good reason: it also doubles as a generator and bi-directional charger that can charge EVs at a level two speed, but more importantly, can act as a generator to power your home in a storm or outage for days! GM also announced they are on track to manufacture almost half a million EVs by the end of the year, as markets predict EVs will continue to trend up for the 2024 explosion. Fiat threw its hat in the ring with the announcement of the “Panda” that is slated to be the most affordable EV yet! 

But that’s not all. Are you a traveler, but prefer to vacation in the comfort of your vehicle? Do you like camping via RV? What about the classic Airstream trailer? Recently, at an RV SuperShow, the E-Winnebago and E-Airstream were announced that are primed with a plethora of smart features to go with these vehicles. Camping just got an upgrade! 

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Model Updates and New EVs on the Horizon!

  • Ford’s new F-150 Lightning is not only their most powerful model yet, but the model is also a backup generator. Ford reports that during a power outage, the vehicle’s bi-directional charging capabilities will be able to keep power on in your home for days during an outage or storm, and can even charge other EVs at a level 2 speed. Ford also stated it would continuously update the Mach-E as improvements became ready, instead of waiting for a new year as incremental updates improve their EV technology as a whole for other models, and as they work on tripling the Mach-E production for next year. 
  • GM’s Cadillac Lyriq pre-production has begun according to the GM president as the company looks to fulfill its promise of 20 new electric models by 2023. GM also plans to unroll 400,000 EVs by the same year and confirmed that there are over 100,000 pre-orders for the new Silverado EV as electric pick-up trucks are being announced and hitting the market. 
  • Fiat aims to release the most affordable EV on the market this spring with the new “Fiat Panda”.
  • KIA has revealed the new next-generation Niro which is really exciting because it comes in three (!) different powertrain options: PHEV, BEV, and an HEV model. The car will have its Green Zone Drive Mode that automatically activates the electric engine to ensure there are zero-emissions in certain environments like green zone areas such as schools, residential areas, and hospitals based on navigation and driving data.
  • Subaru and Toyota plan to release a new E-SUV: the Solterra. It will boast plenty of leg room and have a panoramic sunroof that Subaru says increases aids safety and strengthens the body of the vehicle. This will be available towards the end of the calendar year. 
  • Jaguar announced a new EV platform that will support its announcement of an all electric line-up by 2025 called Panthera. 
  • Volkswagen’s ID.4 2022 model will get an improvement with Plug and Charge and an improvement to the 135 kW capacity as well as range capacity increase.
  • The 2023 Range Rover PP440e is expected to have a range of 48 miles before it switches to its gas engine, the longest PHEV range to date. 

Electric Motor Machinery: Scooters, Boats, Other types of vehicles.

  • At the RV SuperShow in Florida, two E-Concept vehicles were announced that will change the infrastructure landscape forever! An E-Winnebago RV and E-Airstream trailer were announced at the show, paving the way for electric motorhomes to hit the market in the near future! The E-Airstream is touted to be able to boost your driving range, allowing you to get to your destination with fewer stops, and providing more amenities! 
  • Cummins and Isuzu Motors have designed a medium sized E-Truck that will begin to test and pilot in Q1 in North America. 
  • Vision Marine Technologies and Octillion Power Systems have developed a new 35kW battery for recreational boating that meets the safety standards of the American Boating and Yacht Council and the EU’s imported manufactured standards. It is the only EV system approved by the US and Canada’s coast guards.
  • We have a variety of companies producing more recreational transportation options as well!