EV News Round-Up | February 23, 2022

A few years ago, not many people  were sold on EVs and personal sustainability. But today, and going forward, it’s no longer just a trend, but how our society will function moving forward. At the federal level, a new office has been created between Transportation and Energy to help oversee and facilitate the funding and adoption of the Infrastructure bill to assist states and rural communities with the charging networks they will need. There are more battery recycling plants being built from both private and public companies that relies on funding to ensure no excess waste happens in our sustainability overhaul. More types of charging solutions are occurring too, whether its fast chargers for cars and trucks, or fleet electrification solutions! Furthermore, different groups are releasing reports showing how EV emissions barely make a dent compared to the emissions of gas vehicles. Take a look at the news below and talk to us  @REACHStrategies with your thoughts too! 


  • While there is a semiconductor shortage happening, electric cars still more than doubled global sales from their previous years. What a trend! 
  • The Joint Office of Transportation and Energy was recently created to help facilitate the new Infrastructure Bill as our country looks to become inter- and intra-connected with an EV charging network. From resources, events, and the new NEVI Formula program, our country looks to be more electric in the coming years with 2030 being the E-Goal for connected electrification. 
  • As more EVs hit the market in the coming years, the need for safe battery recycling will go up too. In the new Infrastructure Bill, $3 billion has been allocated for constructing EV battery manufacturing and recycling factories from new sites to employee incentives that work there too to help generate more workers in the rising industry.  

EVs for Business

  • Ascend Elements is set to open a battery recycling facility in Georgia that will be able to process 30,000 metric tons of discarded batteries a year. 
  • Porsche buys another E-Bike company as it pushes  the e-bike industry to accommodate civilians using bikes for commuting and everyday lives. 


  • JuiceBar is offering customers a trade in of 3G EV chargers to their 4G EV Chargers, regardless of brand,given the impending obsolescence of the 3G model. 
  • InCharge has launched a new DC fast charger called the ICE-80 that allows an output of 60, 120, and 180 kW. 
  • PACCAR and ABB are partnering to release a wide range of fleet charging solutions for trucks and other commercial vehicles this year while working to make sure its 100% renewable electricity. 

Energy News

  • A new peer-reviewed study from University of Surrey states the US could save 5.6B a year if it switched from coal to solar. Yale University also produced a report that shows the lifecycle emissions from EVs barely come close to the amount of emissions produced by gas burning vehicles including production and manufacturing of all vehicle components. 
  • Anthony Artuso has drafted a policy to incentivize fossil fuel producers who slash their emissions while penalizing companies who are not on track with their implemented carbon reduction plans. 
  • The Nature Conservancy has developed an interactive map and tool that shows states, local governments, communities, and companies how to engage in proper conservation methods, and where conservation is being maintained to be aware of their impact on the surrounding environment and where renewable energy sites will be best built.