EV News Round Up | July 18, 2022

EV News Round Up

We hope you had a great weekend and are starting this week with a news round up as electric vehicle (EV) developments are soaring this summer! Hyundai announced the new Ioniq 6 with an airstream design as they look to hit the market at the start of next year. Meanwhile, Google Maps is adding a specific route design for EVs to ensure the least amount of battery use, or being on routes with chargers. Speaking of chargers, GM is planning on installing Level 3 chargers at over 500 locations across the country with intervals at every 50 miles to help build out the cross-country charging infrastructure while more companies like Panasonic announce plans to open more manufacturing locations in the United States creating jobs and money for local state economies. Let us know your thoughts @REACHStrategies and we hope you have a great week!   


  • Large corporations like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and more have promised zero emissions from their trucks over the last few years, and we are starting to see that promise come true
  • Hyundai announced the Ioniq 6 EV and is calling it an electrified streamliner and expects it to be available at the start of 2023. 

Smart Features

  • Google Maps is adding an option to its route selection system that will be specific to EVs and hybrids that will route those vehicles by chargers to ensure maximum battery efficiency. 


  • Aptera, the company behind the battery and solar-powered vehicle, has created a petition to make Tesla Superchargers the standard for EVs to allow all vehicles to utilize their chargers, which pushes Tesla to allow other brands to use their network of chargers. 

EV for Business

  • GM is partnering with EVgo and Pilot and Flying J Highway stops to build 2000 DC Fast Chargers at 500 locations across the country in intervals of 50 miles. They are expected to complete the project by the end of 2023. 
  • EV sales have risen in the last quarter by 5.6% while overall new car sales declined by 20%. EV sales are creating urgency to increase charging infrastructure availability, especially at apartment complexes or homes without garages and driveways. 
  • Ford and the battery manufacturer SK have officially announced their joint EV battery manufacturing plant will be in Haywood County, Tennessee called Blue Oval City
  • EV startups, like Rivian, that promised to disrupt the auto industry are now facing similar obstacles due to the industry slowdown. 

Energy News

  • The clean energy loop from battery recycling to operation is on the horizon, but when will we get there, and is it attainable? 


  • Redwood Materials, after partnering with Toyota and Ford, will now start to recycle Volkswagen and Audi vehicles too and plan to recover 95% of the raw minerals from EV batteries to be reused by OEMs for future EVs. 
  • Panasonic announced plans to build a gigafactory in Kansas that will generate 4,000jobs and cost about $4 billion to increase EV battery production.