Legislation, Reports, EVB | Saturday February 12, 2022

In this week’s round-up, the country saw multiple government agencies announce sustainable investments and promises for the future, from the Army going electric to federal funding from President Biden’s infrastructure plan beginning to roll out. Other states, like West Virginia, have promised to build and use $15 million worth of E-Buses for their school systems while Ford has begun to deliver its fleet of E-Vans nationwide as last mile delivery begins to get electric. But there is so much more! Take a look at our Friday Round Up and let us know what you think by talking to us @REACHStrategies!

2/12 Friday


  • New York added $12 million to the Drive Clean Rebate program to help consumers save up to $2,000 while giving local governments almost $3 million to purchase EVs and install charging stations in their communities.
  • USPS and the White House have gone back and forth regarding the postal vehicles and the need for an update. The White House has stated the need to update their vehicles. USPS has come out and said they will order more EVs if they receive more funding from Congress in conjunction with the new EVs they ordered that currently would only serve 10% of their fleet.
  • The US Tire Manufacturers Association is asking Congress to work on a new policy that relates to tires and transportation sustainability initiatives. The USTMA have specified six different policies to help the development of better tires and roadways for the impending infrastructure overhaul.
  • Federal funds for EV infrastructure from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will become available this year and next week states will receive plans for how to deploy and develop their charging structure. The US Dept. of Transportation and Energy also stated $5 billion will be made available under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program over 5 years to help build a national EV charging network for accessibility for all communities in the country.
  • A new bill called the REPAIR Act has been introduced in the House of Representatives which would allow independent shops to work on EVs, helping the oncoming EV wave to ensure widespread maintenance availability.
  • A report by CALSTART has anticipated that electric trucks will increase 10 times over the next 10 years as companies are heavily investing in their efforts to reach zero-emissions in that same timeline. While the numbers are relatively low, it shows the trend of growing demand for E-Trucks and increasing availability and manufacturing demands.
  • The Army is going electric and announced a strategy that includes building an electric fleet and lowering their emissions to get to net zero by 2050 acknowledging the existential threat of climate change and the effects of global warming that soldiers around the world feel daily.

EV for Business

  • Tritium has announced a new manufacturing facility in Tennessee for more DC fast charging hardware and software as they ensure it complies with the “Buy America” act and how it can help meet the demands for new EV infrastructure.
  • USDA to invest $1 Billion in sustainable agriculture to reduce planet-warming emissions and store carbon opposed to releasing it in the air.
  • Volvo is investing $1 billion into its manufacturing plant in Sweden to increase its production technology and ensure a new generation of BEVs as they work to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Ford has begun to ship its first E-Transit electric cargo vans as it increases its production to fulfill the initial 10,000 orders from over 300 commercial customers.
  • Uber and Wallbox announced they will be expanding their pilot program nationwide that grants Uber drivers discounted prices to the Level 2 home charger as the company is committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030.
  • Forth and Mobility Development group have announced a plan with the Department of Energy to establish EV carsharing for underserved communities in five states over the next two years.
  • Firestone auto centers are offering services for EV and PHEVs in select locations in San Francisco and Austin and partnering with Bling to add level 2 charging stations at their stores too. Valvoline is also offering EV maintenance services and planning to increase the scope of help as well.
  • GreenPower has announced they will begin to manufacture E-School Buses in West Virginia in the second half of 2022 with the state agreeing to purchase at least $15 million in the zero emission buses.