EV Models & Machinery | February 15, 2022

The year is moving fast, and so are companies in joining the E-Revolution! New manufacturers and brands such as Alfa Romeo are stepping the e-game and committing to go electric by 2027. Other companies, like Harley Davidson, have announced more e-vehicles to their line up as well, and much more! Missed the Super Bowl? You missed some EV moments too, but we have you covered here!


  • BYD announced a new Type-A battery E-Bus that will double as school transportation for students and act as power storage with its V2G technology when it is not on its student route.
  • Subaru has officially launched reservations for the brand new Solterra EV. For $250 you can get in line and reserve your EV. The final price will be agreed upon between the company and your local dealer.
  • Ram announced its pickup 1500 Ram EV, the company’s first EV, which will be available in 2024. They also announced a website where real people can share feedback. Plus, they will go on a year long tour to gather feedback about what people want to see in their EVs in preparation to offer multiple EVs by 2025, and an all electric lineup in 2030.
  • KIA is on a roll after announcing the Niro updates last week, it also revealed the new 2023 Sportage PHEV which will have an electric range of 32 miles!
  • Alfa Romeo has announced its first PHEV, the 2023 Tonale, the start of the company’s plan to be all electric by 2027 and featuring an array of smart features that will ensure data privacy and security for the driver and company.
  • Ford’s next plan in the electric revolution is to make sure its Lincoln luxury brand has at least five different BEV options by 2026.

Other E-Machinery News

  • In a recent study now concluded, Fermata Energy partnered with Electric Frog Company and tested the Nissan Leaf’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Bi-directional charging with its V2X software, the Leaf was able to deliver on-call power to the grid it was operating under, revealing that EVs can support the grid during peak hours which will help develop a cleaner electrical grid, and will also drive down the cost of EVs over time. Nissan  also made a pledge to stop producing Gas vehicles in major markets, except the US, for now. The company will continue to work on gas engine pick-up trucks and improve their existing designs, rather develop new ones, but can be phased out in the next decade or so as the brand develops newer technology to support that type of vehicle.
  • Harley Davidson is debuting its LiveWire Del Mar next quarter as the next electric motorcycle from the famous brand becomes available for bike enthusiasts.
  • Solar Car company Aptera pushes delivery date to late 2023/2024 for its solar powered SEV.