Nestled in the beautiful wine country of California, I’m the oldest of three sisters, a devoted partner to Nick, and a proud mom to a 16-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter.

My love for business and finance was evident from a young age. I fondly remember dressing up as a professional businesswoman for Halloween multiple times, complete with my imaginary assistant, Jonathan. Growing up in a family that values hard work, I got my first taste of the professional world at the age of 14.

I began my journey working at my uncle’s podiatry office, handling everything from filing and answering phones to managing QuickBooks. This experience laid the groundwork for what was to come. When my parents decided to open an independent repair shop in Fortuna, I eagerly took on the challenge. By the age of 16, I was working alongside my dad at Rocha’s Repair Shop, eventually becoming the office manager as the business grew.

After seven fulfilling years in the automotive industry, I decided to venture into education. Handling financial matters, ensuring compliance, and managing a non-profit, I played a crucial role in the process of building a school. Fundraising became a passion of mine, as I worked towards creating opportunities for students through small fundraisers and through big events such as Galas and Carnivals.

My commitment to philanthropy goes beyond my professional life. Serving on the McLean Foundation board for a decade, I led committees and actively participated in building a community center. Fundraising efforts also played a key role in establishing a new health center, reflecting my dedication to making a positive impact on my community.

I am thrilled to bring my wealth of experience in business, finance, education, and philanthropy to this dynamic environment. Every step in my professional life has prepared me for the challenges and opportunities that REACH Strategies offers. The values of hard work and dedication instilled in me from a young age align seamlessly with the ethos of REACH, making it a natural and enjoyable fit for me. I am honored to be an integral part of a team that shares my passion for making a positive impact through innovative strategies and dedicated efforts.