Celebrating National Pet Day: Honoring Our Furry Friends

It’s National Pet Day! We’re a remote group at REACH, which means that we aren’t far from our pets most days and we welcome that as we navigate a world of challenge and opportunity. Let’s pause for a  moment to celebrate the joy, companionship, and unconditional love our pets bring into our lives. From wagging tails to soothing purrs, our furry (and sometimes not-so-furry) friends are an integral part of our families and communities. Join us as we share heartwarming stories, tips for pet care, and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Let’s cherish our pets today and every day!


The Scarborough-Heilmeier pack is a unique one! Stella (the wee one) is the 15 year old matriarch who always gets her way; Outlaw (the red one) was our very first rescue foster who stole our hearts immediately; we rescued Paisley (the black one) as a puppy and she is the goofy, cuddly, land seal/velvet hippo of our dreams; and finally there is Nina (the white one), our forever foster who, after being returned to us four times, will live out her best life patrolling the pool.


Max is a very good boy with a rambunctious personality.



Not a pet exactly, but this guy gives us tons of fun. And attention (some times…).


Meet Maggie Mae and Anela! Maggie is a loyal and loving 10 year old English Bulldog/Boxer mix. Anela is a 5 month old French Bullhuahua with tons of puppy energy!


We have 3 dogs, 7 cats and 3 chickens – because we rescue everything. However, this little girl named Gus thinks I am her personal cat bed, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Meet Stanley (Stan the man, side eye Stan)! Although initially thought to be a schnoodle upon rescue, DNA testing revealed he’s actually 50% Pomeranian, 10% Lhasa Apso, and 40% Poodle, 0% schnoodle. Stanley is incredibly treat-driven, enjoys leisurely walks, snuggling, playing with stuffies, and isn’t shy about expressing himself vocally.


Boba Fett, the 2-year-old, and Ahsoka, the 2-month-old pup, are tricolor corgis turning their home into an action-packed playground. They’re all about the zoomies, epic fetch sessions, and chowing down like there’s no tomorrow. With Ahsoka being the new addition, they’re quickly bonding, on track to be lifelong besties.



Eloise (Ella) is my wise old lady who acts as my therapist, she gives me hugs throughout the day. Coco is my toddler child and I’m her emotional support human. 

One is an independent lady and the other is a velcro dog and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🤍🐶


Meet Bonbon, a tiny parrot. She is 4 inches of fluff and is the branch manager of this location. 


This is Mister and Misses! We rescued them both at our family’s house on the Mississippi River. After spending the majority of their life in the wild, they’re both now afraid of the outdoors.



My best buddy! A true gentle giant (100lb), loves cuddles, toys, walks in the woods, being goofy, and his pink blankee! Every day is better with him in it. ❤️