Five Ideas to Engage Customers During National Drive Electric Week

As many of you may know,  REACH has been in the EV arena since before the first Nissan Leaf hit the roads. 

One of our favorite early accomplishments was helping name National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) over a decade ago. Since its inception as a small EV driver’s parade in Santa Monica, CA, this event has grown to be a national (and international) celebration of the many ways households, businesses, and communities across the nation are embracing transportation electrification.

Having produced hundreds of NDEW ride and drive events ourselves, we know physical test drive events are a great approach. However, with NDEW fast approaching, depending on your team’s capacity, planning a large community event may not be possible.

As a trusted resource on electrification, utilities have the opportunity to leverage NDEW to engage and educate both business and residential customers. The coming weeks provide an excellent window for setting plans to help customers embrace this fun and important celebration (slated for 9/22 – 10/1). And remember, NDEW isn’t limited to specific dates – any activities planned during this period can be helpful for customers.

Here are five ways to engage residential and business customers alike:

  1. EV Experiences: Make a donation to a charity for every local EV test drive conducted in conjunction with NDEW.

  2. Social Engagement: Run a social media campaign spotlighting unique EV drivers such as first-time EV experiences, veterans, first responders, or local elected officials. 

  3. Leadership Spotlight: Showcase your company leadership as they tour local EV charging stations serving beloved local destinations.

  4. Local Businesses: Offer an electrification showcase and test drive for local business leaders.
  5. Beyond NDEW: Leverage NDEW for broader engagement activities slated for the coming year such as delivering a Business Customer Electrification Showcase.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to educating customers on the benefits of driving electric. If you would like to chat, need inspiration, or even need an extra set of hands, reach out! The REACH team is always ready to help!

*National Drive Electric Week is presented by Plug In America and partners.