Reach Strategies Spotlight: Recharge America

Recharge America is a nonprofit partner of REACH Strategies doing path breaking work to document the economic benefit for communities from adopting electric vehicles. The organization has shown that, on average, every EV in a community delivers over $1,000 per year in local economic development benefit. Using that as a starting point, Recharge America works to spotlight the strategies, stories, and initiatives that support capturing that benefit as quickly as possible.

The Recharge America website features a wealth of great information on electric vehicles and the different entities working to advance EV adoption. We’ve selected a few of their recent posts we think might be of interest to our audience.

EVs as an Economic Powerhouse

Recharge America is helping document the economic benefit offered by EVs through items like this thoughtful article about how they can boost our local communities.

EVs and Equal Access

Why have states like California and Massachusetts made commitments to end the sale of gas powered vehicles even as ever more car companies are committing to universal electrification strategies? Recharge America makes the case that it can help ensure equal access for all. Read the argument here let us know what you think!

Tips for Installing EV Chargers

Businesses interested in installing EV chargers will want to check out this helpful list of tips to move from the idea stage to the implementation phase. And of course this helpful piece starts with looking at where businesses can save money!

Real Case Studies

If you’d like to see what has worked for businesses, higher education, municipalities, and other entities when it comes to electrifying their organizations, Recharge America participant case studies provide a great overview.

If you’d like to learn more about the work Recharge America is doing, please follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course check out their blog!