In Full Bloom: Our Springtime Joys

As winter bids its chilly farewell and the earth stirs from its slumber, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. Join us as we share our favorite things about spring and celebrate the beauty and wonder that surrounds us during this time of renewal.

We asked two good sources for thoughts about spring – ChatGPT (intro here) and our team (see below). We still like the sound of humans putting original thoughts to paper, but want to thank the AI folks for helping us get started!


Spring is a truly beautiful time of year. Besides the ducks returning to our neighborhood with their babies, one of my favorite parts is the weather! Living in AZ it gets HOT during the summer so spring is the perfect time for all the outdoor activities that don’t require a large body of water.


My favorite thing about Spring? Definitely the weather! I’m not a fan of the cold, so when Spring hits and it’s not too hot or too cold, it’s just perfect for me. Plus, there’s more light during the day, making the days feel longer, which means more time for evening walks with my dog.


My favorite thing about Spring is the Calla lilies blooming. I love walking through Golden Gate park and seeing more sprout up each day.


Taking a drive out in West Marin when the rain subsides and Spring hits is the most beautiful time of the year! The rolling hills, cherry blossoms, redwoods – everything is as lush as could be, making it look like a postcard.


We start planting things. And then they grown. And then I give lots of food away to friends and neighbors. Sharing! 


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! When our natural world wakes up from its winter slumber I become captivated by the colors, smells, and longer days. These elements motivate me to be more productive and provide the annual refresh that I crave.


Spring bulbs! I love to see the little green shoots of daffodils and tulips peep through the soil in early spring. Then I enjoy them as they become the first blooms of the year.


I’m a sunshine and warm weather person. When Springtime hits I love that the time changes and our days stay brighter longer and I’m always ready for the temperature to rise!


Every spring, my son and I begin to prep our garden for our summer harvest. We clean out the old plants that we left up for the winter for birds to feed on, pull weeds, and organize our blackberry canes. We then draw out what we’ll plant for the upcoming season, including what new flowers we’ll plant around our vegetables and fruits to bring in beneficial insects. That’s our favorite part of spring.


I know Spring is here in Texas when the red buds start blooming! These are my favorite trees – they bloom for a fairly short time, then burst out with green heart-shaped leaves.


Spring brings a special kind of magic to wine country. When the vineyards start blooming, it’s like the whole region comes alive again after being asleep all winter. Plus, with the longer days, there’s more time to really appreciate the beauty of the area. I find driving leisurely around with some great tunes during this time of the year to be one of my favorite ways to decompress, set goals, and reset for the coming quarter.


My favorite thing about spring is the sun setting later in the day, more live music events, how seasonal allergies make it look like I’m crying and that I actually have feelings. And definitely the warmer weather.