Making Strides of All Stripes: Susan’s Illustrious Journey to REACH

I’m rather fond of dragons

Hi Everyone! I’m Susan Fogarasi and I joined the REACH team as their first in-house graphic designer at the end of March 2021.

My background has been diverse. I have worked in facilities management – for the rocket ship that was Power Computing, the first eCommerce company to hit $1B in sales. I have worked in book production for a large corporation, and I spent over 12 years as an owner/helping to run a brick and mortar/online parts business that my husband and I grew to 100 employees.

I’m rather fond of these guys too

My passion has always been art related. My first degree was in Interior Design, specifically commercial office furniture layout as I was immediately drawn to the CAD platform. Wanting more creativity, I began classes working toward animation – and landed in the graphic design department of a local community college. Bam! I found my calling.

I was excited when I found the position at REACH Strategies. Here was a position I was uniquely qualified for – graphics and web design, plus the focus of the work is dear to my heart. A company that wants to work for the betterment of the planet. I’m in! It’s been a great opportunity to learn more about sustainability and how EVs are improving lives.

Meet Sebastian, one of my dragon sculptures

I’ve now been here about 5 months and I’m absolutely loving it. This is a truly wonderful team of people and the most interesting work – from twitter images (seriously, I got to make a zoom meeting image of our pets!), to multi-page reports to web design. Every day is a new exercise for my creative muscles. What a gift it is to look forward to going to work – even if I’m just climbing the stairs to my home office.

0 to 3 large dogs in 17 months

When not designing on the computer, I can be found shuttling my daughter to school activities, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, working on my home, playing with my ever-increasing number of dogs and whenever possible, getting my hands into clay where I indulge in my love of magical things.