EV News Round Up | June 29, 2022

EV News Round Up

We are halfway through the year and there has been an incredible amount of electric vehicle news up to this point! Some of the news catching our attention includes the start of FedEx’s electric last-mile delivery initiative with a delivery of 150 vans from GM’s BrightDrop. Elsewhere, VW is planning to reveal their new concept EV that will be available in 2024. Hyundai and Michelin announced a new partnership to produce tires specific for EVs and companies like Audi are working on ways to continue to use EV batteries in second-life functions after they are retired from cars. Plus more! Let us know your thoughts @REACHStrategies and we hope you are staying safe.  


  • Volkswagen plans to release its new concept electric sedan, the ID.Aero, on June 27th. The vehicle is slated to hit the market in 2024 as an Ioniq 6 by Hyundai. 


  • The Department of Transportation announced rules for ensuring that the construction of a national network of EV chargers is reliable, accessible, and user-friendly for use by EV drivers everywhere. 
  • A new study by the University of Geneva shows range anxiety is decreasing but about a third of EV owners still underestimate the ability of their EV to meet their daily driving needs. One reason is a lack of trust in our public charging infrastructure is another roadblock. 

EV for Business

  • FedEx received its first shipment of electric delivery vans as the company looks to change its last-mile delivery effort to a zero tailpipe emission fleet by 2040. 
  • Toyota is teaming up with Redwood Materials to recycle and retrofit its batteries. They will also collect a variety of data to help optimize and develop better batteries moving forward. The recycling company also teamed up with Ford late last year for the same goal as the increasing need for battery recycling begins to gather momentum. 
  • Hyundai and Michelin have signed an MOU to develop EV tires that use sustainable materials and have better durability to keep up with EVs regenerative braking systems. 
  • Nissan and Wallbox have partnered to provide Nissan EV owners the opportunity to purchase and schedule an installation for Wallbox’s level 2 home charger. Customers who purchase through the website are eligible for a rebate. 
  • Volta announced a Charging for All initiative that plans to invest millions of dollars in developing chargers in underserved communities while intentionally creating jobs in disadvantaged communities


  • Companies like Audi and Volvo are working to develop plans on retrofitting EV batteries for second-life capabilities from energy storage to electric rickshaws and bikes.